Electric motors are critical to mining operations. They require unflagging reliability throughout their useful life.

Whether at the heart of mining operations, such as mobile equipment (drills, excavators and others), hoisting winches and MG sets, or in processes such as pelletizing plants, agitators, grinders, dryers , fans, compressors and pumps, all of Wajax | Delom’ teams implement solutions at the site or in shop, all over the world.

Wajax | Delom has developed a comprehensive approach to supporting maintenance managers and their teams by ensuring that the current condition assessment of critical electric motors is updated regularly through predictive and preventive testing. We offer electric motor repair services in shop or on site, taking into account current operating conditions and root cause of failure to improve the life span of these critical units.

In order to protect your productivity, Wajax | Delom also deploys reverse engineering services and manufacturing of complete units or customized spare parts, in order to optimize contingency plans.

We do all this because we know that an unplanned downtime is expensive.


The mining industry provides the world with materials essential to everyday life. Its economic importance is undeniable and it is often the economic pillar of small communities in remote areas. As commodity markets become more globalized, the pressure to cut costs, eliminate unplanned downtime, improve energy efficiency and ensure workplace safety is gaining importance.

Wajax | Delom has been present in underground and open pit mines for more than 50 years. We have developed solid expertise in electric motors and generators in mining applications. Our teams bring our know-how around the world and ensure the reliability of equipment located in desert, tropical or northern regions. We have developed repair, insulation and maintenance techniques that take into account these harsh environments.

Call upon our experts to protect your productivity!

  • Grinder electric motors
  • Crusher electric motors
  • Ball mill electric motors
  • Sag mill electric motors
  • Explosion-proof electric motors
  • Winch and hoist electric motors
  • Dryer electric motors
  • Conveyor electric motors
  • Compressor electric motors
  • Pump electric motors
  • Electric generators in mobile equipment
  • MG sets
  • Mining drill electric motors
  • Excavator electric motors
  • Electric motors for fans, blowers and boosters
  • Vertical electric motors
  • Slurry pump electric motors
  • Generating unit electric motors
  • Agitator electric motors
  • Stacker-reclaimer electric motors
  • Gearboxes
  • Heat exchangers
  • Pressure vessels
  • Pumps

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